Bad Rabbit Ransomware is spreading its web!

It has been a year of ransomware. Yet, various cybersecurity agencies and anti-malware companies across the globe have failed to avert them. Although, these agencies cannot be directly blamed for not averting cyberattacks. Hackers are able to take advantage about your computer illiteracy. Antivirus companies and cybersecurity are advising people […]

The future of storage is lightning fast

The future of storage is lightning fast

We have entered an age of information. Concepts like driverless cars, smart trash disposal systems, cognitive intelligence, blockchain are reaching masses but multi-national companies and innovative start-ups are embracing transformative concepts in day-to-day activities. From power grids to water systems in hospitals and public transportation systems, the growth of real-time […]

Preventing fraud with Big Data Analytics

With the expansion of data, economic crime can no longer be an accepted cost of the business. Fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated with disadvantages related to cyber security. Corporate Fraud in laymen’s language is “Activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, […]