Preventing fraud with Big Data Analytics

With the expansion of data, economic crime can no longer be an accepted cost of the business. Fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated with disadvantages related to cyber security. Corporate Fraud in laymen’s language is “Activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, […]

The Technology behind Driverless Train

The technology behind driverless trains

By 2030, 5o Indian cities are expected to run on the mass rapid transport system. More people will migrate to cities in coming decades taking global city dwellers population to 6.4 billion. Conventional urban transport systems will not able to cope with the changes about ‘how and when we move’. […]

Washing Machine is a greater invention than SmartPhone

Samsung Flex Wash and Flex Dry at CES 2017

The role of smartphones in changing our lives is hyped. Yes, we talk about information inclusion, e-governance and digital payments but one cannot deny the fact that smartphones are mostly used for entertainment and socialising. Smartphones so far have failed to improve the standard of living of the masses. Before […]

Chatbots are transforming Insurance tech space.

We all text more than ever before with our family and friends. It is now time to take the conversation to the whole new level. Conversations help us build effective relationships in a business environment. Uber’s Chris Messina has coined the swanky term for robotic texting as ‘conversational commerce’. It […]