The Rs 44,990 Vivo NEX has stunning looks!

Vivo NEX 44990

Vivo, the Chinese smartphone brand has come way a long way and it probably manufactures one of the great smartphones at the right price. The newest flagship, the NEX is absolutely a stunner. With an almost bezel-less 91.24% screen-to-body ratio and benchmark-shattering features, the NEX breaks industry conventions for selfie cameras […]

RBI lowers card transaction rate for small businesses to boost digital payments

RBI MDR Digital Payments

FinTech companies welcome RBI’s decision to lower Merchant Discount Rate Digital payments are expected to reach new horizons with good news from India’s Reserve Bank of India. RBI has decided to low Merchant Discount Rate for small and medium businesses in India. Politicians and RBI shifted its goal posts to […]

Preventing fraud with Big Data Analytics

With the expansion of data, economic crime can no longer be an accepted cost of the business. Fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated with disadvantages related to cyber security. Corporate Fraud in laymen’s language is “Activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, […]

IMD to get next-gen supercomputers for weather forecast


Natural disasters account to a loss of USD 4 billion to India’s economy. The work to predict natural disasters is in the hands of Indian Meteorological Department since its inception. In 1980, IMD got its first supercomputer to track city level weather forecasting. India knows that it needs high precision […]

Soon, Send Money through WhatsApp via BHIM

Soon Send Money through WhatsApp via BHIM

As PayTM announced its foray into messaging business, WhatsApp is doing the opposite. WhatsApp is getting closer to enabling payments over United Payments Interface as the feature was spotted in the beta version of the app. The beta leak from WAbetaInfo stated that WhatsApp Payments will offer bank-to-bank immediate transfer […]

KeyOne is Blackberry’s last attempt to regain its lost fortune

Blackberry KeyOne

After some terrible marketing decision last year, Blackberry is back on the market with its latest flagship called KeyOne. Blackberry was the productivity guru a decade ago. Blackberry smartphone could do tasks way better than regular phones those days. It was a time when chatting was considered a revolution to […]

BharatQR – The Make in India payment movement

Bharat QR, BHIM, Digital Payments

Scan and Pay! Quick Response codes have been in the Indian payments market for more than 3 years but its large scale acceptability was only witnessed post demonetisation.  Scan and Pay is a mobile-based payment facility that enables fund transfer by scanning a QR code using an app which supports […]

#LaunchPad : Lenovo K8 Note with dual camera launched at ₹12,999

Lenovo, a Google company is set to introduce its K8 Note smartphone next week. We really don’t know why K7 is missing. Lenovo has started teasing about the new product through their social media channels. The number 8 aptly suggests that the handset may introduce the concept of the dual […]

Chatbots are transforming Insurance tech space.

We all text more than ever before with our family and friends. It is now time to take the conversation to the whole new level. Conversations help us build effective relationships in a business environment. Uber’s Chris Messina has coined the swanky term for robotic texting as ‘conversational commerce’. It […]