Global electronics giant Samsung has unveiled its first NVMe based portable solid state drive (SSD) – the Samsung Portable SSD X5 – setting new levels of performance and reliability for external storage solutions. The new SSD X5 features exceptional speed, making it an ultimate portable storage solution for content creators and IT professionals on the go.

The drive boasts of the fastest write speed of 2,300 MB/s, enabling users to transfer a 20GB sized 4K UHD video in just 12 seconds. The SSD X5 allow users to enjoy the speed benefits in a lightweight and portable design. The SSD X5 also offers powerful data protection with ‘Samsung Portable SSD Software’, based on the AES 256-bit hardware data encryption – including optional password protection and easy configuration of security settings.

Whether editing 4K videos, creating real-time 3D rendering images or compiling high-resolution photos, Samsung’s SSD X5 delivers maximized performance levels, durability and reliability for professionals working with heavy multimedia files. SSD X5 is designed to enable ultra-fast transfer of large multimedia and data files, thereby saving users valuable time.

Based on cutting-edge Thunderbolt 3 technology, SSD X5 offers 40Gbps bandwidth – up to four times faster than USB 3.1. The X5 also offers a read speed of up to 2,800 MB/s, which is up to 5.2 times faster than the widely used SATA interface portable SSDs and up to 25.5 times faster than external HDDs. The weight of SSD X5 is 150 grams.

Designed for Thunderbolt 3 ports, the SSD X5 features a full-metal body with a slick finish and non-slip bottom mat. A shock-resistant internal frame and rough metal housing can withstand accidental drops of up to two meters (6.6 feet). In addition, the Dynamic Thermal Guard technology and a heat sink – a mechanical internal solution – safeguard the SSD X5 from overheating, ensuring reliability while maintaining optimized performance. The X5 comes with a three-year limited warranty at INR 27,999 for 500GB, INR 48,999 for 1TB and 97,999 for 2TB.

Source – Press Release.

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