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In the age of information, a basic yet impactful mobile message plays an important role for business organisations. Before the reach of Whatsapp, Facebook and Emails, SMS was the only effective means of communication for marketers. With more than 500 million basic mobile users today, SMS still remains the king of mobile messaging.

As a channel for B2C communication, nothing beats the ease of use and ubiquity of SMS. It works on every phone, on every network and nearly every human knows the art of effectively using it. Meant to be seamless, with no design or UI to navigate, there’s hardly any barrier between the marketer and the end user.

A report published by Delhi School of Internet Marketing suggests that applying SMS marketing techniques has predicted to contribute 40% growth rate of revenue by the end of 2018. A traditional, yet impactful SMS campaign have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns. Text messages has 98% open rate, while email has only 20% open rate. Also, the response rate of SMS marketing is five times higher than emails as people often take SMSes seriously. A marketer can obtain higher brand presence as SMS can be used on over 100 crore devices in India, even in rural areas where network quality is generally weak.

Businesses operating in financial and e-commerce domain find SMS marketing as utmost important tool. Fintech firms and majorly established financial services companies are using SMS for improving promotions and last-mile information. It is also a regulatory requirement to use OTP messages for transaction activity. Similarly, in e-commerce space, businesses are aggressively using SMS marketing for promotion of on-going and upcoming offers in small towns and rural areas. Flash sales, offers, targeting special segments, loyalty benefits or booking confirmation message – SMS marketing has got it all covered.

SMS marketing with data analytics make business smarter. Indore-based MSG91 claims that it can send SMS from the sender to multiple users in 0.007 seconds. Most importantly, they mention that the data is completely secured and the whole mechanism is backed by retry algorithm, in case if any message fails, ensures a hundred percent delivery rate.

With MSG91, a simple message turns smart as the system allows firms to intelligently target potential users to attain higher ROI. Analytics helps the marketer determine the user profile with data points like device type, IP based location and even his/her action and journey on receiving the SMS. This data enables the marketer to retarget the prospects with other offers depending on their profile, action and journey.

Integrating APIs on MSG91 platform is quick and simple. Marketers can directly integrate mobile numbers of potential buyers through Excel plugin, Spreadsheet plugin etc. The newest addition to MSG91 is MageComp’s Magento SMS extension. Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform, empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. MSG91 magento SMS extension is a mobile messaging plugin which can be utilized to send SMS to customers. Whether it is about placing orders or dispatching them, now the users will receive every detail on their mobile phone.

Seven DIY steps for signing up for MSG91’s Magento SMS extension

1. Visit MSG91’s official website. Sign up instantly with basic details like Name, Username, Mobile Number and Organisation.

2. After sign-up, you will get the password on your mobile. You also get the option to change your password for additional security.

3. After logging, Click on API.

Magento extension

4. Click on ‘Try some add-ons’ button. It will take you to new window (

5. Click on MageComp. Users have the choice to use Magento1 or Magento2 according to their business needs.

6. Install Magento. Sync messages and buy test products for testing purposes.

7. The sales panel for Magento is directly linked to MSG91’s admin panel. Users have the ability to control SMSes according to sales need.

Why choose Magento SMS add-on? Send notification text messages to customers during various events in your Magento store: New registration, Order placed, Order confirmed, Order cancelled, Order update, Order invoiced, Delivery status, Order shipped, Order delivered, Product update etc. Features like automated messages, SMS delivery reports etc can be added to the SMS extension. It brings the comfort and convenience to the customers, and helps them to market their stores. It allows you to send notifications to your customers about their orders, credit memo, invoice and shipping events.

In this age of information, bulk SMS service providers which offer large scale reach, targeted promotion and innovative APIs can be truly referred as ‘Marketer’s Best Friend’.

– Chaitanya Kulkarni

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