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Facebook has released an open source unit of time: the flick

Facebook has introduced a new unit of time which will enable video and audio development easy for developers. Facebook declared about the new innovation through their Facebook Open Source twitter handle.

The decision to invent a new unit of time was first opined by developer Christopher Horvath in early 2017. The concept was further refined by other developers until the official GitHub release this week which not only supports video frame rates but audio sampling as well.

Source – Christopher Horvath

When your devices play video, they show a particular number of frames every second. To give an example, the current standard for video games is 60 frames per second, which means that each individual frame is on the screen for 16.667 milliseconds. Flick’s entry in the media industry would make things easy for the developers. The move is seen as a game changer for the creative industry.

According to GitHub, a flick is 1/705,600,000 of a second, which is slightly larger than the nanosecond. At 60 frames per second, each frame appears for 11,760,000 flicks, which is an easier figure to work with than 16.667 milliseconds.

As reported by futurism, an average person may never need to use a flick, the unit could improve their media experience by making it easier for programmers to ensure that the refresh rate of a device syncs appropriately with the content, be it video footage, a game, a website, or an audio clip.

Being an open source, the unit is free to use for other developers.

Source – Github

– Chaitanya Kulkarni

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