Apple release all new iPhone and iOS 11 on 12th September

It’s September! Apple has sent invites to few international journalists for flagship unveiling event. The event will be held on 12th September 2017 in Steve Jobs Auditorium, Cupertino, US. This is the first time that the event will be held at Apple’s newest multi-million dollar spaceship campus. As Apple completes 10 years this year, the keynote is likely to announce an anniversary special models. Whether it will be called iPhone 8, we don’t know that yet. Most tech analysts are expecting three models of iPhone namely 7S, 7S plus/ iPhone 8 and anniversary edition ( a premium priced device like the iPhone RED ).

As always, there has been a lot of leaks for the upcoming iPhones. The device will mark ten years of an iPhone and will potentially be a major technological leap for the company. Apple may go for a different design this year, looking at the success of Samsung Galaxy S8. The design change is must as nothing much has changed since iPhone 6 and the similar design would make things boring.

Along with iPhones, Apple may also announce a new variant of Apple watch with enhanced LTE connectivity and Apple TV. Apple is going to release the final variant of iOS 11.0 somewhere between 12th September to 25th September 2017.

Rumours are high at this point. Some say that the new iPhones may have features like Retina Eye Scan namely FaceID. Some are vouching for bezel-less setup while others guarantee dual camera lens for excellent Bokeh effect. Whatever the features may be, it’s a guarantee that hard core Apple fans will line up for anything at any price. The expected price of upcoming iPhone in India is Rs 60,000 (64Gb variant) t0 90,000 for 256Gb/ 512 Gb variant.

There’s some good news for iPhone 5S users and above. iOS 11 is expected to be released by last week of September. The Control Center is customizable and there are options to include a wider range of settings. It’s no longer split across multiple screens, and 3D Touch integration has expanded, so you can do more without needing to open the Settings app. The lock screen has been merged with Notification Center. Swiping down on the screen to access notifications now brings up the Lock screen. Today view continues to be available with a side swipe, and everything generally looks the same — there’s just no separate Notification Center anymore. There a files app which showcases files from iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive. More information will be known to us on the 12th.

– Chaitanya Kulkarni

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