Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is notably the best ever Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is notably the best ever Note

Samsung and its loyal fans would want to forget the disastrous battery issue in Note 7. They will! Samsung after a two-year break has launched the new Note, the Galaxy Note 8. The incredible Note series is loved by millions of consumers in India will also come with the revolutionary […]

Google enters India’s digital payments space with Tez

Google Tez India

India’s digital payments industry is possibly the world’s fastest-growing technology adoption. Since the controversial and brave move of demonetisation, large transactions in cash are looked down upon with the eye of suspicion. Going cashless has made a trillion dollar opportunity for payment banks namely PayTM, Airtel and India Post. With […]

In every way, Dell EMC Forum 2017 was a journey to realize transformation, faster.

Dell EMC 2017

Keeping pace with competitive pressure and capitalizing on emerging opportunities today demands the fast uptake of digital transformation at the enterprise level. With digital imperative steadily redefining the rules of the game, digital transformation has gone beyond mere a technology initiative to be a part of the business strategy. In […]

Preventing fraud with Big Data Analytics

With the expansion of data, economic crime can no longer be an accepted cost of the business. Fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated with disadvantages related to cyber security. Corporate Fraud in laymen’s language is “Activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, […]

IMD to get next-gen supercomputers for weather forecast


Natural disasters account to a loss of USD 4 billion to India’s economy. The work to predict natural disasters is in the hands of Indian Meteorological Department since its inception. In 1980, IMD got its first supercomputer to track city level weather forecasting. India knows that it needs high precision […]

Solar technology to bring warmth in Ladakh homes

Solar technology to bring warmth in Ladakh homes

Winter is coming! As monsoon fades away from northern parts of India, the cold winds from the Himalaya bring fresh snow in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir, India. Clouds hardly reach here making the region an arid snow desert. Temperatures here in winter match with Siberia. The home […]