The Technology behind Driverless Train

The technology behind driverless trains

By 2030, 5o Indian cities are expected to run on the mass rapid transport system. More people will migrate to cities in coming decades taking global city dwellers population to 6.4 billion. Conventional urban transport systems will not able to cope with the changes about ‘how and when we move’. […]

Hyperspectral Imaging Technology must reach every farmer

Hyperspectral Imaging Technology must reach every farmer

With green revolution, India has managed to self-sustain herself with growing crop output. But farming still is very dependant on nature. Continous changes in weather patterns and lack of technological support is decreasing the quality of the harvest. The Swaminathan Aayog Report published in 2006 recommends the use of technology […]

Soon, Send Money through WhatsApp via BHIM

Soon Send Money through WhatsApp via BHIM

As PayTM announced its foray into messaging business, WhatsApp is doing the opposite. WhatsApp is getting closer to enabling payments over United Payments Interface as the feature was spotted in the beta version of the app. The beta leak from WAbetaInfo stated that WhatsApp Payments will offer bank-to-bank immediate transfer […]

KeyOne is Blackberry’s last attempt to regain its lost fortune

Blackberry KeyOne

After some terrible marketing decision last year, Blackberry is back on the market with its latest flagship called KeyOne. Blackberry was the productivity guru a decade ago. Blackberry smartphone could do tasks way better than regular phones those days. It was a time when chatting was considered a revolution to […]

BharatQR – The Make in India payment movement

Bharat QR, BHIM, Digital Payments

Scan and Pay! Quick Response codes have been in the Indian payments market for more than 3 years but its large scale acceptability was only witnessed post demonetisation.  Scan and Pay is a mobile-based payment facility that enables fund transfer by scanning a QR code using an app which supports […]

Washing Machine is a greater invention than SmartPhone

Samsung Flex Wash and Flex Dry at CES 2017

The role of smartphones in changing our lives is hyped. Yes, we talk about information inclusion, e-governance and digital payments but one cannot deny the fact that smartphones are mostly used for entertainment and socialising. Smartphones so far have failed to improve the standard of living of the masses. Before […]